edited 2021-03-24-2100-EDT
Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Cupressus Nootkatensis

This page will document my attempt to migrate the above majestic tree to eastern Quebec

Mostly a weeping tree, the Alaskan Yellow-Cedar is somewhat sad in outlook and not inappropriately so given what we have done to trees and to our spaceship home since coming out of the last ice-age 11,000 years ago. I have run some numbers and have concluded that every human being should plant one tree every month of his/her life to make up for the atrocity of human presence, this averages out to maybe 1000 trees per person. Now at about 600 and reaching 800 of my own this coming spring I hope to atone for my part of the sin. More about trees here, this current page will follow my Nootka plantation project and events associated with it.  N.B. Climate-change is killing the tree off in Alaska, I figure the same climate-change might help it survive in Quebec.

Ordered a box of 220 plugs from PRT

Order  shipped out from Campbell River, BC

Seedlings arrive, moist and cool, very healthy looking but thawed out. "3-4 day Express-Service" was at 8 days last night when Purolator warned of another possibly 1 week long additional delay. Had a few words with them about the political correctness coefficient of being called killers-of-baby-trees and package arrived this afternoon.  Placed them in fridge at 1-2c, too scared to risk freezer at this point and with freezer unstable -2 to -10c.

My better-half will help pot them tomorrow, maybe 10 (but separated) to a large pot.

Seedlings get potted, too late to shop we just drafted the pots and pans on hand.