Edited 2023-08-23

As I approach the last bend on my road I think about issues I've faced along the way (in no particular order) and ask myself: how would I respond if I were king?

This is how

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Labor Unions

I'll start by making as many enemies as friends in a single paragraph about labor unions (having been more than just a member of more than just one most of my life). There is a very parasitic general tendency lately to suck on the public treasury and although this applies to corporate cockroaches as well as people, this paragraph will be about trade unions. The latter gravitate to state financed employers for the simple reason that the state is easy prey! Worst case scenario, arbitration settles a dispute more or less half way between the parties and life goes on until the end of the new contract because the state is not one of those who can just go bankrupt or close shop before going bankrupt. It is thus easy to see why unions favor the public sector and do so at the expense of the private sector employees where union life is generally less optimal. I would simply interdict trade unions in the public sector but FORCE and SUPPORT them in the private one.

Interdict trade unions in the public sector but make them mandatory and state-supported in the private sector and in both cases employing a cross-sector portable seniority and private/public benefits system that concurrently promotes a more mobile workforce as well as worker security. The public sector package may then be adjusted up or down as and when discretionary worker migration between sectors might direct. Such a struct offers three advantages: enhanced protection for private sector workers first to be exploited by the scum of the earth in sweat-shops, interdiction of treasury-sucking by trade-unions for no other reason than the public purse being the easiest of all preys to leech on, an automatic, realistic and self-regulating mechanism assuring that the treasury pays comparatively just and fair compensation to public service employees. V-2021-08-22.

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In 10,000 years we have consumed 3/4 of the trees since coming out of the last ice age, going from some 30 trillion huge trees to 15 trillion toothpicks good only to cut 2x4's! This gives some sense of the dioxide absorbing greenery and capacity-destruction but if we look for the actual amount of wood and branches then we find 4 and 6 inch trunks where 4 FOOTERS once were! I suspect that in terms of board-feet or foliage we have destroyed over 80%. No need to look at Brazil for examples of the devastation, see here
for an idea of what north American forests were like before our race of locusts robbed it from the care of first-nations. Harvesting on public (crown i.e. people's) land should require a % of very large trunk sizes harvested, thus effectively limiting the cut when those have been over rarified. In addition every human being should be charged with the planting of 1 tree per month throughout his or her life (say 1000 trees per person), such being the TRUE SCOPE of what we have allowed bean-counters and money-changers to do to our spaceship home. I have about 200 more to plant: http://www.trixtar.org/3/envir/trees/index.html. V-2021-03-12
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Affirmative Action Quotas

While in the private sector people may include/exclude whomever they like/dislike there are many state quota programs to assure that minorities are not underrepresented in spheres where society as a whole is expected to bat for (presumably all) of its members. Thus if 50% are majority "A", 25% minority "B" and 25% minority "C" then item lists such as public TV actors and material should break down congruently. The reason that the concept of minimums or the brainwash proposed by critical-race aficionados is unacceptable is that inadvertent or intentional over-representation for one group results in under-representation for another so that either exact quotas or no quotas at all it must be. V-2021-05-02.

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Victims Of War

Seeing that every conflict including biological atrocities in human history was about loot, here's my prayer for the countless and mostly innocent victims of war. May God bless and quickly heal or receive you in grace and may the law written into every spark of holy creation lift you above the evil swamps of such fathomless darkness. To the world's richest war-criminals orchestrating and profiting from such satanic enterprise: may your every breath turn into a unique and insufferable curse until the last one of your victims has released you from it. Amen.

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Banks & Debt

Permit only the public service national bank to have any contact with retail-level customers and require it to offer the economies of scale to citizens on a cost-plus basis. Prohibit all lending beyond what would increase the borrowing individual's or government's total debt to more than some fraction of one year's after-deductions income. V-2022-04-19.

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Holy Land

The Holy Land is not some dusty shithole-spread in the near and never far away enough east, instead it is where the land itself is holy, where agriculture does not bleed and foam at the mouth from chemicals on the altar of multinational leeches but rather flowers as the very living manna for human health, dignity, and bliss. 2022-01-14.

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Fagots In The Clergy

Whereas many pedophile acts are committed against young boys by male homosexual lifeforms a group of which the homosexuals amongst the catholic clergy represent only an infinitesimally small fraction, how is it that for every one thousand cases involving priests not a single imam, rabbi, or extra-clergy homosexual pedophile incident is ever sensationalized by the christian-phobic media, or is merely asking the question also to answer it? V-2021-11-21.

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Uber Chiselers

Increasing numbers of unsolicited UBER artists are funneling 20-30% cuts from assorted industries into their own laptops, the hotel industry being a perfect example (it has begged customers to boycot all the booking cons). The hotel owners, cabbies, and other affected VICTIMS should gang up on the desert cut-throats and co-op their own cost-shared booking egencies. It's time to mulch all unsolicited in-betweeners. V-2020-08-19.

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The closer to its source the greater the power must be! In un-infected democracy power flows from the citizen to the local, the regional, and finally to the national government each depending on the prerequisite assent of the layer empowering it. But almost every (infected) instance of democracy today turns this principle on its head, violated by those whose predatory and viral inclinations dictate that "if you cannot beat it, denature it". If such be all that democracy short of its ideal configuration has to offer then I would rather vote for its less open-ended and less 'progressive' alternatives. If democracy is representative, that option (of being represented) should only apply to those who do not wish to get involved. Both groups of citizens can easily be accomodated in a hybrid version direct/representative democracy in which every citizen has one vote but elected representatives voting with the power of only those citizens who on that voting occasion did not exercise their right. Such would likely mean maybe 10% of citizens actually taking the trouble to vote and an end of all associated complaints the standard answer to which would become: "all you had to do was vote".

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Des évenements d'extinction ayant déjà frappé la terre à multiples reprises, la vie animale recommence chaque fois tout de même grâce aux mutations génétiques et à la sélection naturelle. Le hic est que notre humanité (à ne jamais confondre avec aucune forme d'humanisme) est le résultat d'une croissance du cerveau provoquée soit par une intervention externe soit par une des ces mutations citées. Si nous parlons d'intervention intelligente externe, divine ou non mais étroitement dans la lumière de notre comportement toujours depuis, l'erreur ne sera sûrement jamais répétée. Si par contre notre nouveau cerveau grand-format serait le cadeau grec de simple mutations alors sera-t-il néanmoins rafraîchissant de savoir que la sélection naturelle ne prend jamais le même tournant deux fois qu'avec une probabilité de 1:10¹²³ et qu'alors la terre ne nous reverra plus jamais. Bref, soit-il comme-ci ou comme-ça, le monde animale serait libéré de la malédiction de notre compagnie pendant que la mouffette pourrait très bien nous remplacer en devenant le prochain bénéficiaire d'un cerveau grand-format à son tour, ce qui représenterait quand-même une certaine progression en effaçant une fois pour toute l'arrogance illimitée de notre abrahamisme. V-2022-06-28.

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Joke of the century: A society suddenly becomes EVIL the minute that not just individuals but the state also dares to engage in the SAME so called capitalist revenue-producing enterprise to finance operations and to reduce or eliminate taxes on the people. Unlike in the case of unbridled jungle capitalism at the individual level, there being NOTHING wrong with state capitalism benefitting the collectivity, as a minimum we ought to progressively crowd out private operators from essential infrastructure and services required for the good functioning of society including the security and survival of the population. This is what was done with Hydro-Quebec and with scores of other services worldwide even in 'not so socialist' countries. Ditto for other more lucrative and large-scale activities profits from which can offset or eliminate the tax burden altogether, leave outhouse-roofing, sausage-making, chewing-gum, viagra ten-packs, and rubber dogshit to private industry. V-2020-07-11.

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Not dismissing their documented predisposition for atrocities and violence, the world has already seen too much election cheating by minoritary con-munists. Not that the so-called right would be faultless. Nuts-and-bolts executive funkies and assorted expert advisors being given their moment for input WHEN ASKED, no one under any circumstances should ever be allowed to occupy a seat with administrative government authority who had not been elected by the people AND by name as an INDIVIDUAL and physical person. Even in some so called proportional systems, minority representatives should be selected only from a prioritized list sorted in order of the actual votes received, anything less amounting to an affront against democracy. V-2020-11-12.

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Burnt-out, sick, old, or injured workers end up becoming burdens on society one way or another. That's ALRIGHT, but sweatshop style operators, including seemingly untouchable and mostly foreign uber profit-funneling artists and franchise pushers regardless of how smooth and with-it they may appear to be, should not be allowed to first skin the workforce alive while often paying no taxes until one day in one move they bail out morphing into something else while dumping the devastation that they have caused on the taxpayers to absorb. Millions of exhausted workers with no savings, no homes, no pensions, and medically mortgaged by virtue of having been abused and having lived without health-care, ALL fall into society's welfare life-net in the end. All these shortfalls should be projected in time and the grazing parasites who live off them and thus off society should be FORCED to at least haul their share of social costs or face either exclusion or extermination. V-2021-06-12.

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Futures Trading

Except for common stocks, prohibit all virtual market instruments such as options, puts, futures, index products and the like. These only rip real value from an already over-virtualized system making it even more phoney and even less productive. Contrary to money-changing rationale and oxymoronic 'mores', price added NEVER meant value added! All forms of speculation should be impossible as well as illegal, shares should be held a minimum of three years. V-2021-06-21.

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Imported Labor

Manpower shortage excludes by definition the likes of merchants, sweatshop owners and assorted ignorati clingons. Many countries admit no immigrants other than potential employees that the existing industries are asking for as validated by trade and competence certification, tests and any required re-certification. Even better are temporary work-permits with the return trip fare predeposited in trust. In most societies (where business pays little or no tax anyway) having no interest in expanding the economy beyond full employment, there remains no situation where imported labor could be justified; mesopotamians committed this fatal mistake and saw their civilization destroyed as a result. They had thought neither of exporting socially destabilising over-expansion (which in their agrarian case wasn't really an option anyway) nor of satisfying local demand fluctuation by granting restricted and only temporary work permits to external otherwise socially incompatible riff-raff. V-2020-05-23.

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Permit original producers and shareholders to market their wares at any price they wish, authorized small local merchants only as per license conditions, and everybody else to resell any good or service only for the price paid or for less.

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Personal Data

Data-Denial is the name of the game. Other than friends, family or civil authority (and even for the latter only to the extent necessary for necessary identification), criminalize the storage of anyone else's personal data except momentarily in verifiably volatile fashion to complete a transaction. In the case of all identity abuse including the above avenues, make the contributing data source criminally complicit before the law regardless of the employed methods, privacy-policies or other similar double-speak parading as safeguards. V-2022-05-12.

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Paradigm Laws

In the case of PARADIGM-SHIFTING but necessary legislation (if time permits) adopt 50 year *painless-transition laws*  such as 'every year foresting enterprise must pay for the use of land 1% more of the wholesale value of trees they cut from crown land while also planting each year one tree for every tree cut'. After 50 years this would return to the treasury half-value and 50 planted trees for each one cut (many planted trees evidently not surviving). Another example: 'every year 2% more than the year before of produce sold in stores with a surface area of more than XY square meters must be sourced from domestic producers within XY kilometers'. V-2022-03-19.

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Asset Limits

Limit personal assets in terms of average per-capita yearly net income (such as 50 or XY times but put the brakes on). Also frame all min:max incomes relatively in terms of one another (whatever ratio such as 1:30 but again put the brakes on) and interdict ALL percentage based reward and all reward that is not based on the time spent doing the work by the only individual receiving reward for that work. V-2020-08-09.

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Social Fumigation

Enforce 11+ years of compulsory education without ANY softening options such as arts or humanities. Also add 1 year compulsory military plus (not or) police or emergency services training after high-school plus 1 year military training AFTER college (NO EXCEPTIONS, except uninterrupted free military college with 5 years service following). Otherwise enable/deploy extraordinarily severe sentencing for sex-related or repeat criminals, physical or non-physical crimes involving violence or any other form of aggression against the weak or the less defended, against public servants, or against the treasury. The factoring should be so rigged that sentences very quickly total life in prison, with 3 days not of grace but temporary freedom just before incarceration begins ..and a law that says (hint) escaped criminals will re-start their sentence all over again in case of re-capture. There being legion other critical and preoccupying social issues today, it's time to start dispatching scum VERY, VERY HARSHLY. V-2022-05-26.

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Population Control

At 8 billion world population is ALREADY UNSUSTAINABLE without advanced and environment-destructive technological intervention. Circa 2035 it will reach 9 billion! Require prep course attendance and written by-recall examination based prerequisite certification for any permit to marry, to procreate or to adopt children or pets. In order to reduce overall population to an effortlessly sustainable 1/2 billion (1650) or at most 1 billion (1804) sterilize those who already have 2 children. Begin with countries with the highest birth-rate or population density until they return the ratio of their population to world population to what it was at the backlevel target year/population reference-point before continuing with a generalized and uniform decline applicable to all. Demand a commitment from countries and bomb to ratshit those who will not haul their share. V-2022-02-29.

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Tax Fairness

Either individuals and businesses both pay income tax on all revenue (preferable) or both pay on profit (which for individuals would mean after documented living expenses).

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"Dominion over the anmals", was that oppression or responsibility? Pass in the meat grinder the entire animal products industry from A to Z. In addition to hogging agricultural resources in multiples of inacceptability, the profits made from animal product foods end up costing zillions in healthcare overruns that taxpayers then have to fork over (19% of GDP last time I looked). Instead of contributing value to society these operators are taking value from it. Also prohibit religious food-snuffing and all non-vital product research performed on animals and require enterprise making use of animals to provide such animals with a decent life and retirement once any otherwise relatively humane employment and usefulness has ended (milk-cows NOT go to slaughter after 3 years). Otherwise, accused found guilty of cruelty to animals should be subjected to exactly the same abuse that they had inflicted on the animal. V-2020-02-05.

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Plumes & Feathers

Some laws prohibit the wearing of religious clothing or symbology by people representing authority including police, teachers, judges etc. I would extend this with political representatives and people in positions of authority having to be native and holding the citizenship of only that, their native country (victims of shifted borders notwithstanding).

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Impose the use of standard and not just consumer contracts on as many of the more common transactions as possible so that similarly to prohibitions in the bible 'nothing may be added or removed from them' clausewise while scopewise no other contract could in addition cover the same transaction. Examples already exist for notarized immovable and vehicle sales, appartment rentals, etc. V-2020-08-18.

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Intellectual Property

Like all personal assets, intellectual property should also be (in its case time) limited (maybe 3 years) and non-transferable with ownership fading more quickly into public domain. The underlying rationale being that while deserving of some reward as well as recognition, if not at all prepared to eventually share freely with humanity then the creator should perhaps keep the discovery to himself/herself. V-2022-03-01.

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Internet Ripoffs

Lots of folks are getting ripped off in the ever spreading internet whorehouse. It should be illegal for anyone to request advance payment (prepaid) for any goods or services sold at a distance i.e. billing oughta be allowed on delivery only. There used to be a COD postal service (Cash On Delivery) which should be reinvented and integrated as the only means of payment in such cases. Postal services could even charge a fee to help out with expenses while credit card data would thus be out of bounds for leeches and frauders (every vendor who is not on a maintained white-list). It's also a chance for card issuers to consolidate their influence. V-2020-06-08.

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Left & Right

Sidestepping the so called judeo-christian smoke, mirrors, and snake-oil humbug, christianity (i.e. Jesus' exclusively verbatim guidance) can also be considered THE ONLY humanist code in existence. That socialism thingie, communism, and the host of aromatic derivatives that neither can avoid morphing into, merely plagiarize and rehash christian values while subjecting them to a source-switcharoo and taking away the sanctity of the individual human being created by a Creator, whatever we conceive it/her/him to be (capitalized Creation for atheists). Unbridled savage capitalism on the other hand is not only christianity-phobic, the two are totally incompatible with and mutually exclusive of one another. Little wonder then that christian mores and values are being systematically and institutionally raped and bombarded from both barrels today as the world regresses to the swamp it was before Zarathustra. V-2021-09-10.

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Seeing that passing on the weakest and most vulnerable double-helix life-form blueprints is the stupidest thing that humanity could do, people whose lives have been barely saved only by recourse to antibiotics, vaccines or severe forms of 'acharnement-médicale' should be sterilised. Although the use of antibiotics even for elderly patients contributes to bacterial mutation and selection, such should especially not be used for people in or before their reproductive years except in dire need. V-2020-06-06.

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Require producers above given sizes to market their own products all the way to the retail end-consumer via internal distribution arms and according to right-to-market regulatory conditions on a product by product or service by service basis while allowing them options to gang such services amongst themselves but always staffed by their hourly paid employees. Simply put: drop-shipping without the intermediaries.

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Public Tenders

Since citizens are the only natural as opposed to legal persons, only such individuals have so called rights or can enjoy social benefits provided by the state from the treasury (taxes collected from their likes). Questions arise when such individuals receive ADDITIONAL benefits also from treasury by virtue of being shareholders of tendering businesses. In order to minimize such inequities public tendering should be limited to works or services which the applicable and obviously necessary state enterprise temporarily cannot satisfy without creating overcapacity. Public tenders (if any at all then) should never be received from numbered offshore holdings or from individual in-betweeners or brokers but only from the principles of the applicable industry's top 50 percentile active suppliers with ongoing track records and vested interest covering a minimum of 15 years with full and on-budget completion even without otherwise mandatory insurance. Project bids should be bite sized to elicit the largest possible number of qualified bidders, no bidder should be allowed to subcontract, and 12 months or more of anticipated salaries and all payable amounts should in advance be deposited into and subsequently paid out from a state-run oversight account. V-2020-06-08.

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Resources And Rewards

There is more than enough know-how and resources to guarantee reasonably dignified and rewarded work and livelihood with similarly not only desirable but also both expectable and acceptable social services and worry, abuse, overwork and stress free career and security for every single reasonably diligent human being on earth. However since with very few exceptions nothing of the sort is to be seen in real life it may be time to investigate all imaginable reasons as to why, including overpopulation and parasitic infestation, and to begin rectification by ensuring that any and all reward for any one person's work goes to that person only while painlessly reducing population to below 1 billion. V-2020-09-11.

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Judge Roy Bean

Law in a democracy cannot be extrinsic and is a code of conduct which must be acceptable to the majority which mandates it to govern itself, the justice thus served needing to be also SEEN as being just. For every trial the available idle judge with the fewest yellow cards should be appointed. Other than possible appeals, when an accused for not more than the 3rd time in his life (or the crown not more than the 10th) doubts before or after sentencing the impartiality of the appointed judge s/he should be able to request override which the minister of justice should then be obliged to grant by appointing a tribunal of 3 judges to work with but not command a jury of at least 6 peers none of these judges or jurors sharing any common attributes in their backgrounds. The thus penciled (bumped) judge would get a yellow card, the principle being quite basic: a judge must be capable of not only always knowing what an impartial sentence by 3 judges and a jury would be, but also of supporting this prerequisite as historical fact in his career record and to continuously project same into his reputation (judges with more than ten yellow cards should be permanently disbenched). V-2021-01-25.

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Stupid Phones

All species of mobile phones, media devices, Bluetooth or not, and onboard presentation systems beyond what is essential for vehicle control should automatically disable themselves within 10 meters of any vehicle in motion at any speed. "Hands-Free does NOT mean Brain-Free". In the case of approaching vehicles (pedestrian use included) that distance should be multiplied (prorated) for every 5km/h of CLOSURE speed (i.e. no such device should be operable within 200 meters of any vehicle approaching at 100 km/h). Manufacturers of devices in which such an automatic lockout feature is missing or can be disabled should first pay large fines and then be barred from the jurisdiction market. With respect to other road-hog conduct, in addition to intoxication or attention-diverting use of lethal-technology while driving, brake-checking and tailgating should also be hanging crimes. Any irresponsible vehicle handling should in fact be punished exactly as it would be in the case of irresponsible weapons handling (which ALSO needs to be beefed up). V-2023-07-12

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Limpmode Gimmicktronics

Tractor manufacturers load their machines with *gimmicktronics* that make farmer DIY maintenance impossible and charge horrendous fees for service in a unilateral transition from purchase to *parasitic technology-rental* which nixes all forms of DIY. Car makers are also jumping on the bandwagon with computer controls and so called limp-modes that may make life LITERALLY impossible for drivers AND occupants when a car passing uphill on a two-lane road suddenly loses half or all its power. These constraints usually happen after a few years as parts wear out, in english 'as programmed', to herd owners back to the dealer for expensive repairs ..or for another vehicle. They have upgraded the tractormakers' approach with the threat of violent death as a form of intimidation, a criminal behavior sofar unchallenged but collective lawsuits may soon trim the arrogance and the afront in taking administrative decisions that do not belong to the manufacturer but to the owner as to when a shutdown or an easing-up may be safe to do at 100 km/h. V-2020-07-10.

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In the early days of computing I was using IBM's Boot-Manager to boot their Warp OS, or Windows, or Linux Slackware or Linux Suse (which had just forked from Slackware). Windows was already extremely predatory, every time I installed it it would wipe MY boot-manager setup from MY hard drive and I'd have to re-deploy MY boot code, one of the next three (sign of futures past). At one time I had three boot managers (IBM's Boot-Manager, Lilo and Grub) booting each other as a comical command-line screen saver that I could cut-into to boot whichever operating system I wanted. But the times they have changed, two of those OS'es have either moved to mostly industrial markets or have become microcancer, the dangerous predatory parasite malware! Today the GNU boot manager Grub rules the underworld on my machines, and it boots any one of seven OS'es, ALL OF THEM LINUX: Artix, Devuan, Slackware, Leap, Tumbleweed, Ubuntu-Studio, AvLinux ...my answers to eEe. 

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The so called politically-correct/WOKE septic tank has taken it upon itself to prescribe supposedly acceptable and to proscribe supposedly unacceptable speech and conduct (with a view to extending tyranny to thought as well). Slimy lifeforms of the kind really ought to be hosed back under the wet rocks whence they issued forth.

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Minority Tyranny

Any oppressed individual or people has the natural right to free itself of the tyrant and to justly deploy no end of violence to such ends. When the law is not the will of the majority then it can only be the will of some minority and so in any society respectful of other human beings any form of minoritary control is by definition violent oppression and tyranny. V-2022-08-09.

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They Came For Me

When the deep-state goons of political-correctness first came for the nationalists, I did not speak out because I was not a nationalist. Then they came for the christians, and I did not speak out because I was not a christian. Then they came for the agnostics, and I did not speak out because I was not an agnostic. Then they came for whoever was still not one of Satan's mob but there was no one left to speak for me. V-2021-01-25.

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Air And Food

The SARS-Cov2 virus has caught us with our pants down and our asses out on open ground! Thanks in large part to being stuffed with processed food by the ton for over half a century, our immune systems are in freefall and there WILL be more of the same! For all public vocation buildings we should edit our building-codes to provide a programmable rate of complete air-purge every so many minutes. Open doors and windows are USELESS, clean or 3-micron filtered air entering overhead should exhaust through the floor underneath more or less each occupant in 3 minutes or less, completely eliminating lateral cross-occupant currents. Such a rate means a quasi-detectable downward air current resulting in soaring per-capita heating/cooling costs even with filtered recirculation, which may be the reason that the idea isn't catching on at all, yet, but eventually it will. It also became painfully obvious during the Covid-19 crisis that many imported articles in the supply-chain ceased to exist in our local markets because of distance and assorted pandemic-related issues. It would be more prudent and much wiser, on an hourly basis, to permit imports to supplement supply ONLY while AT LEAST 75% of the local demand is CONTINUOUSLY and CONCURRENTLY satisfied from local production. V-2021-09-15.

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Pro Parasites

The vocational parasite is the humanoid incarnation of all that is of neither any use nor redeeming social or coincidental value in the cosmos. This organism lives off of others, either as a predatory and dangerous hunting parasite in the form of pimps, drug dealers and some other admixtures of humanity's residual link to early bacteriae, or as a passive opportunist. This latter variety easily includes those who simply are not prone to 'work' unless forced to do so but will shamelessly open their mouth for others to feed them for no other reason than the unrequested fact of their existence. V-2021-09-07.

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Every day of the week I boot a different (Linux) OS. Provisionally for each system /home/userMe is a link to a directory on a remote data drive. My email client Sylpheed has a folder link in every /home/userMe directory pointing to a single directory on another remote data drive. I nominate Sylpheed for the Nobel prize of Compuke-Conviviality and expect every one of my OS'es and apps to behave this way or soon be gone from my computer.

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Dropship Pedlers

The forester/woodsman cuts out a tree and saws it into planks. Those planks have a REAL value equal to his cost of production plus whatever reward he might be able to argue for his work on the market. Next the carpenter/cabinetmaker buys the planks and makes a table from them, similarly that table has a REAL value which is the cabinetmaker's cost of buying the planks plus whatever reward he might be able to argue for his work on the market, the latter being the value added. Finally the homeowner buys the table from the cabinetmaker. The entire economy works on this principle in that the REAL value of all the products in it at any given time is the sum of all the REAL production costs and all the JUSTIFIABLE rewards for work done by all the MAKERS in the chain. Thus the year's national output or true GDP is the sum of REAL value added into the economy in the year. If the final buyer gets the table from a merchant instead of its maker then the value of that table is STILL the same because added price never meant added value. The merchant provides a service (for a fee or hourly honorary) which should be accounted in the sum of goods AND services but the REAL value of that table should not change by virtue of a mere change in ownership. What the merchant charges is the REAL value of THAT service and should not dilute the REAL value of the table. The value-dilution gets even worse when merchants charge a percentage instead which has nothing to do with the value of their service, some merchants simply double or triple the PRICE while the REAL value remains the same as it was when they took posession of the product. Some others only shuffle paper and never touch any goods which are drop-shipped by the makers. It becomes easy to see how such a system leads to boom-and-bust cycles which literally destroy people, families, and sometimes economies. Other than the corner grocery and small or family stores without any employees, does humanity in the age of drop-shipping really need any merchants?
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In Betweeners

Small farmers, tradesmen and small manufacturers are all being shafted by an increasingly unacceptably thick morass of parasitic in-betweeners the end result being that the original PRODUCER or CREATOR gets only a small fraction of the reward while otherwise useless and unsolicited distributors rake in the loot. There's a good example @ https://i.imgur.com/0s1PQea.png showing a bag of 100 chickenshit spacers worth a retail price of $26 gets to be quoted at $13,000!  

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