Last of the Mohicans, Promentory

        artistic image for Rhymney bells
updated from time to time

A great story, an even greater movie, and surpassing them both a phenomenal soundtrack composed by Trevor Jones.

jamming video-cheatsheet for D-tuned guitar (on Youtube but without sound due to copyright restrictions*) which will eventually serve as my backing track if I ever get to make my own guitar cover.

The drums stumble here and there (I'm no drummer) and the lead violin sync sucks too.

*When music copyright owners will have gotten their act together and will have granted blanket permission to or will have excluded little people like me from the scope of the copyright laws (to publish on social media or my own web site personal digital, singing or musical instrument renditions duly crediting the composer and without monetary reward) then I will include the music part as well. Until then I will (when I have time!) ASK the copyright holder (if I can find him/her!) to grant me free permission as above, if granted or refused I will edit this page accordingly.