Mert Tudnom Kell
Because I have To Know
Car Je Dois Savoir

Page edited   2019-Dec-16

Mert Tudnom Kell [© TransylMania]  is essentially folk-rock from the cited very talented transylvanian group. There is NO intent to infringe, in case of valid objection by the originating band I will remove material objected to (tried to email them three times to no avail).

In my arrangement and purely amateur cover I rocked it a little and changed a couple of runs mostly to jazz it up seeing the absence of the vocal performance (I can't sing worth a shit). I tried to approximate the original arpeggiated guitar tone with zero success, I just don't have the necessary experience. However for the Lead I stumbled upon a fret buzz which with this preset came out like it had been an intentional FX-effect I went to town with it! It's very hard to do "live" but I managed a few and then injected cannibalized copies into the final. 

Any unlinked files shown may be linked in the future. Right click to download or click to process inline if your web navigator is so enabled. Rosegarden can be found @

For tone I used my Me-80 presets for Lead and arpeggiated chords.The lead track was actually overlaid on one at -1 octave @ about 20% power. 
It's unlikely that I rework this song but you may email significant constructive suggestions to