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This scenic picture is a frame from the video background, a corner of Chaleurs Bay with the St-Omer church & steeple.

Tantum Ergo [ Dr. Kalman M. Feher]  is a piece my father composed in 1945 while a prisoner of war, possibly in Germany at the time but I'm not sure about the location. I believe the lyrics are partly from a Roman catholic ritual. He taped it in 1989 just months before his death and I then made a rudimentary midi file on my Amiga computer. That file was subsequently lost but I kept the tape and the sheet copy and recomposed another initial midi file just as rudimentary as the first one. I've since redone the midi with help far superior to my own talent. My niece also worked the song and had it played in a church, my father's wish had been to hear it sung there. To the extent that I may be so empowered I hereby claim copyright only to immediately release the song to public domain if only to prevent some chiseling varmin from claiming it.
The lyrics follow (I don't know latin but have a general idea of what it all is).  As for interpretation I have mine, everyone can have their own. I guess what he witnessed in war was very negative and maybe this song tells the lesson learned.
Tantum ergo sacramentum
Venere mur cernui
At anticum documentum
Novu cedat ritui
Pra estet fides suplementum
Sensum defectui
Pra estet fides suplementum
Sensum defectui, amen.
Here's one translation I found:

     Hence so great a Sacrament
     Let us venerate with heads bowed [cernui]
     And let the old practice [documentum]
     Give way to the new rite;
     Let faith provide a supplement
     For the failure of the senses.

I feel indebted to my parents, now both gone, and am still holding other additions to my music tree or repertoire here until this piece gets done right.    

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